Blades of Glass (Sculpture by the Sea)

Installed for viewing until Nov 8. #24 in Mark’s Park.
Nascentia Blades of Glass Furnace & kiln cast glass variable sizes Approxomately 240cmH

11923607_1034839249900708_1804587804068545704_n.jpgMy intension here is that as the viewer moves through these blades of glass he becomes diminished; the everyman shrouded by the enormity of nature. Transfixed in the environment they evoke the interdependency of man with his ecosystem and the life force with cosmic energy. The surreal height and the ability to conduct light reflect notions of growth, potentiality and cycles of life in stark contrast to the realities of current environment issues. These glass blades tower not only as harbingers of environmental ruination, but simultaneously as totems of transcendence and transposition, nascent in potentiality; a duality inherent in the contemporary relationship between man and his environment. A gluttonous drive for efficiency has undermined the stability of our environment, and our nature, the force that supports us, will not endure without higher level of development in consciousness and respect.
In the Talmud can be found this mysterious sentence: “’Every blade of grass has its angel that bends over it and whispers, ‘Grow, grow.’” This force of conscious growth is what drives us forward to create a personal and communal future that is better than what we had yesterday and what we have today. These Nascentia Blades are a call out to the angels.


Tom Bass Clara St Studio

Hello All, I have a small show opening at the Tom Bass Clara St Studio.
I will be teaching a workshop there in November.

Come along to see my work at Sculpture by the Sea Bondi in Mark’s Park opening 22/10 & running till 8/11.I will be guiding an artist walk Sun 1/11 from 6-9 & probably a couple more dates yet to be announced.


Working with Steve Cooke

Cooking glass billets with the wonderful Steve Cooke to fill my moulds for Sculpture by the Sea Bondi 22/10/15. Blue ‘Blades of Glass’ coming up!



Thank you Maureen Glass Artist Gallery for finding a fine home for ‘Embrace‘ sold in August, 2015.


Upcoming Workshops SEPTEMBER



Microsoft Word - Glass workshop flyer.doc

Microsoft Word - Glass workshop flyer.doc

Manly Arts Festival 19 September – 28 September 2014

Open Studio

Sat 20 & Sun 21 September 2014, 10am – 4pm

Sallie Portnoy & The G Spot Glass Studio will open her studio doors & take part in the Open Studio Week End as part of Manly Arts Festival,

 an exceptional exhibition & sale of glass sculpture, jewellery, belt buckles, bowls & plates & more…      


will be holding weekend workshops in Glass Casting (27 & 28  Sept) & Glass Blowing (20 &  21 Sept)

There will be glass blowing demonstrations throughout the day and a house tour of the mosaics & sculptural installations at 12 noon each day.

The SculptorsSociety Presents:

AMP Building  Exhibition

50 Bridge Street, Sydney

1 June to 6 July

1- Sallie


Venus 185cm

Venus 185cm


This pieceis cast from dichroic neodymium glass that changes from musty pink to olive green depending on the light source.

Soho Gallery Presents:

Contemporary Abstract Paintings and Group Sculpture Exhibition

In conjunction with contemporary group sculpture :

Sallie Portnoy, Andrew Rogers, Blaze Krstanoski-Blazeski, Stephen Glassborow, John Gardner.


Blue Besos 57cm High x 45cm Wide x 22cm Deep

Blue Besos 57cm High x 45cm Wide x 22cm Deep

As an artist engaged in organic forms in relation to their environment, Besos, stands as a piece engaged in the proposition of meaning.  Inspired by the tradition in art of rendering of a “kiss” from Klimt through to Nan Goldin’s intimate portraits, Besos embodies a depiction of longing and reconciliation, the core polarity of our natural condition.  Man afloat alone on the sea of time is anchored.


Gallery hours Tuesday to Sunday 12-6pm

104 Cathedral Street, Sydney NSW 2000 (Corner Crown & Cathedral St)

+612 9326906

Ausglass Presents:



With Portnoy’s ‘Sword Series” she is investigating & exploring the passage of light & time, the subtlety, sensuality & simplicity of the line, & the extraordinary beauty of glass crystal. The figures speak about female empowerment and empowerment of humankind at large. Conscious intellect struggles to win mastery over brute passions as in “The quest for the Holy Grail”. Like the Sword in the Stone, the sword-like figures are plunged into their bases – grounded and earthbound, while their elegant forms reach up to the heavens; to a higher ground. They are at once both male and female; at ‘base’ extremely sexual and reflective of the basic nature of mankind. They speak of the conflict between opposing forces within us, between archaic impulses and new aspirations.

Blue dancer  74 cm H

Blue dancer 74 cm H

Portnoy gives the glass body language and uses the figure to reflect this, which is why most pieces can stand alone or in communication with one another.  She is able to tap into the universal language that binds us all through her use of material, form, light, and colour.

Harbour Sculpture 2014 Award


July 17 – 27

Opening Night

Thursday, July 17th 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM


End of Clarke Rd, Woolwich

Images 4

Pod Casts & flower 107cm

Pod Casts & flower 107cm

PodCasts 140cm

PodCasts 140cm

Nascentias 240cm

Nascentias 240cm