‘Keeping Company Saltwater’
Manly Art gallery Fri Opening Oct 30.6-8 closing 29/11


14 x 60 x 20
Cast aluminium, hot cast/pored glass, & kiln cast glass.

Man against the environment is a transfiguring theme particularly pertinent in an age marked by an environmental holocaust. In the piece, “Reverie”, the juxtaposition of the journeyman fisherman sitting on the bow of a fish/boat embodies the quandary of his relationship to nature, which becomes both the source of his sustenance and the object of his destruction. He is simultaneously dependent and guilty and poised with knowledge and longing. Scale emphasizes the contradictory symbiosis between man and nature wherein the fish is magnified and man is shrunk into an everyman. “Reverie” invokes a state of uneasy balance and the disturbing crossroads of man facing the results of his continued conquest of nature.


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