New Workshops for 2016

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GLASS CASTING with Sallie Portnoy

This is a unique opportunity to study with the artist in her studio by the sea. Take home a wealth of knowledge and several new cast sculptures. Have an inspiring weekend getting the creative juices flowing. This 2-day workshop will take students on an intensive journey into the creative possibilities of kiln cast glass. The instructor will demystify the casting process by teaching how to model and form positives in clay to make simple open moulds. The use of Gel-Flex rubber will also be demonstrated. This course will cater to all levels of ability.

Dates:                           Feb 27 & 28

Fee: $440.00

Non-refundable deposit of $200 required at enrolment at least 2 weeks in advance

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GLASS BLOWING with Steve Cooke

These 2-day workshops are the perfect beginning to discover the excitement of working with hot glass. Join us for a weekend foray of fun into the mysteries of the age-old art form of glass blowing. Conjure images of the first Syrian blowers, Greek and Roman artisans and on to Venice, the Art Nouveau movement. The workshop will explore the basics of glassblowing and is aimed at beginners. Anyone who wishes to learn glassblowing at the furnace is invited to participate. No experience is required. Students will learn how to gather and marver, shape and blow glass and how to use the appropriate tools through basic exercises and practice. Use of colour will also be explored. Several short demonstrations and plenty of background information will be given.

Dates:   Feb 20 & 21        AND       Feb 27 & 28           2016

Fee: $550.00

Non-refundable Deposit of $300 required at enrollment at least 2 weeks in advance

Places are limited to 4 persons to ensure safety & plentiful access to tuition & equipment.
   ***Dates subject to change depending on enrolment***

Both Workshops will be 2 days of 6 hours each from 10 – 4+


Course fee includes all material and equipment

Please make deposits for registration to:

Sallie Portnoy  – NAB   account: 82102 2477         bsb 082352         mb 0418 279 518


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  1. Hi Guys, fantastic work you are doing in Australia… I live in England and intend in the next few months to visit my sister in Australia and would love to come and see you. Can I ask a question?
    Have you got a Facebook page???


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